these thoughts…

I have these thoughts ,they’ve been bugging me for a few days now,about hurting myself.They are intrusive and they don’t leave much room for other thoughts.I’m trying to keep myself busy by going places so my brain doesn’t have much time to think .

I’ve been doing so well. I don’t know why I carry so much negativity .This too, will pass though cause I know I’ve been through worse.


life is meaningless

I haven’t been great with taking my medication I keep forgeting to take it and I think that might have caused a sudden drop in my mood.Life feels meaningless right now.I don’t want to eat ,I don’t wanna clean myself and I really wanna cut.

I started taking my medication again so I hope I feel better soon .(probably in a couple of weeks )To be honest because I’ve been doing well for some time I thought I didn’t need to take it anymore but I guess it’s not true.

I really hope I’m feeling better by the time I have my next appointment ,cause I really don’t wanna have to admit to my doctor that I haven’t been taking my medication.

suicide prevention day

So yesterday was world suicide prevention day.I didn’t write about it yesterday cause honestly I avoid thinking about how I was ever in such a bad place,but I realize that pretending it didn’t happen doesn’t really help.I’m not really gonna share how I got to the point of thinking that suicide was the only option but I want to share that I got better even though I thought I couldn’t get better and everyone that gets to that point always feels that there’s no other way out but sometimes it turns out that other people can find the way out for you when you can’t do it for yourself.

Talk to someone ,I know that when you’re in a bad place you think that noone cares I even thought my parents wouldn’t even notice I was gone but when I talked to my best friend I realized how much it would have hurt her if I went through with it so if you can’t talk to a proffessional at least talk to a family member or a friend.

There’s no shame in being in pain ,we all need help sometimes so don’t be ashamed to ask for help.




appointment 7/9

Had and appontment with my psychiatrist today and we talked a bit about putting me into group therapy.I don’t know how that’s gonna be but I think it would be nice talking to people my own age with similar issues.

I’m having trouble relaxing right now ,I ‘m always really anxious when I get back from an appointment cause although you’re supposed to share your feelings and stuff I always feel like I’m oversharing and I even think the psychiatrist is gonna hate me for it.So right now I’m going over everything I said in my head thinking about how she’s gonna think I’m an asshole.I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to feel more anxious after therapy but that’s just because I assume I’m a burden to everyone even to the psychiatrist.

If it’s this hard talking to one person I can’t imagine what kind of torture group therapy is going to be.Anxiety sucks…

New hair again

Yesterday was my last day of work since I have to go back to university.I had dyed my hair black cause I wasn’t allowed to have green hair at work but I dyed them grey the same day I quit.I’m really glad I could change my hair again cause I wasn’t feeling like myself with black.

Also I haven’t lost any weight yet but at least I haven’t gained any.I was trying to lose weight with diet alone but I’m adding excersice this week to see if it helps.I’ll keep you posted.

I just want to make friends

I’m frustrated.I’ve been trying to make simple conversation with the people at work and I can’t even do that.It doesn’t help that my head is empty most of the time.I just wanna make friends is that too much to ask?I think everyone should have friends.Thankfully I have my best and only friend and she keeps me going but I’m trying to meet more people which I guess is impossible for me.

I’m ashamed of it ,but when I try talking to people I always pretend to have more friends and to go out cause I’m afraid they will think I ‘m wierd if I tell the truth.I wasn’t always like this ,well I always were shy but at least I could handle basic human interaction but with each year I feel I’m getting worse ,I feel I’m getting more stupid ,I can’t handle anymore stuff that was easy even as recent as two years ago.I don’t know if it’s something that’s in my head but I think I’m getting more sick.

And with that things like making new friends gets more difficult.I’ll keep trying of course cause I know if I manage to make friends I’m keeping them for life.