mad at my psychiatrist

So heres what happend with my psychiatrist.Last time I had an episode (I don’t know if it’s called psychotic episode or whatever..)where it felt like someone was trying to invade my body ,well obviously it didn’t really happen and I know that now but at the time it was happening it felt real.So I told my psychiatrist about that incident and she asked me ”did you think at the time that it was a symptom of your illness?” and I said ”no” cause at the time I couldn’t really think straight I thought that I really was fighting some invisible force trying to take over me.And she got mad at me!because she says I don’t trust her and if I trusted her I would have been able to realize it was a symptom!And then she said that if I keep going like that I’m going to have to find  a different doctor!That’s crazy!you cant demand someone to trust you like that!If it had happened to her she would know that it’s not about how much I trust her I just can’t tell what’s real when things like that happen.

So now I’m mad at her for telling me that I might need to find a new doctor.I don’t see how I did anything wrong and even if I don’t fully trust her I don’t see how that is something she can get mad at me for.

She really makes me feel like a burden sometimes and I don’t know if it’s because of me or  because of her that I feel that way.I would like to talk to her about it on Thursday but if she gets mad at me again we might get into an arguement and I’d rather avoid that,so I will most likely do the most passive-aggressive thing I can think off and go there and refuse to talk.(I know real mature..)we’ll see how it goes..


  1. ashleyleia · February 4, 2019

    Wow, that is soooooo inappropriate on her part. If she thinks that trusting her is the cure for psychosis, she needs to give her head a shake.

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